GreenSlate Development

Our Team


We are GreenSlate, our company is responsible for developing and managing Omaha’s Blackstone District – a diverse, multi-use community where people can live, work and play. Located at the center of Midtown, the Blackstone District is designed with modern living in mind. Stretching from 42nd to 35th Streets, with only a short walk to a variety of businesses and entertainment. Here you will find everything you need for your comfort and enjoyment.


Matt Dwyer, Principal -  Matt's business experience helps him understand how entrepreneurs think, allowing him to help negotiate deals that benefit all parties involved. Matt’s approach at GreenSlate Development builds neighborhoods much the same way you’d build a business, with a keen awareness about the impact of strategic diversity.


Jay Lund, Principal - Bringing extensive commercial real estate experience and strong local relationships to GreenSlate’s diverse portfolio. Listening to what Omaha locals want and feel is missing from their city, Jay strives to craft a sense of place through strategic partnerships with tenants and investors. His vision is to create a neighborhood destination filled with unique experiences.


The overarching goal of this development is to create a true community, one that is convenient and exciting for residents and visitors alike. The heads of GreenSlate Development – both Omaha natives – are focused on creating a truly unique community for the Omaha area, one that both residents and businesses will be happy calling home.